IGF AfghanistanMarch 29 - 30, 2017 | Kabul, Afghanistan

Leaders from government, civil society, private sector, technical and academic communities converge at the IGFA 2017 to discuss the most pressing Internet Governance issues, including access, diversity, security, stability, development, and technologies and content.


Internet Governance Forum Afghanistan (IGFA) is a two days long meeting of key Internet Governance players from Government, Civil Society, Private Sector, Technical Community, the International Community and the Mass Media. The First IGFA is taking place between March 29 and March 30, 2017 in Kabul, Afghanistan. IGFA as a highly interactive and participatory event will be engaging participants in a hands-on experience, Q&A, open discussions, and decision making and ensuring maximum benefit for a diverse stakeholders taking part. All sessions would be facilitated by an expert moderator. Simultaneous translation in Pashto, Dari, and English would be provided during the IGFA.

Day 0

This would include meetings of experts coming together in various workshops, discussions and open consultations. Different groups from policymakers, practitioners, women in technology groups and other public interest groups will be holding sessions on Day.

Day 1

A high level opening plenary, where 200 participants converge, will discuss issues, challenges and propose solutions on relevant topics. It will be followed by expert panels, thematic breakout sessions, and workshops organized by stakeholders involved.

Day 2

There will be a total of six workshops at the IGFA discussing key Internet issues. The Day 2 would be capped by a Closing Ceremony highlighting the key progresses, achievements and recommendations made and follow-up actions.

Key Program Issues for IGFA 2017

Access & Diversity

Identifying ways that provide access to and use of the Internet, including mobile Internet, to spur sustainable economic and social development in the rural and urban Afghanistan.

Cyber Security

Topics on Internet security, online safety, and role of collaboration in Internet security, and how it affects the overall growth and development and achieving SDGs in developing world.

Youth and Gender

How women and youth are affected by the Internet, how they contribute to the growth, diversity and development of the Internet in light of their needs and aspirations

Emerging Issues

Emerging issues in a hyper-connected society— IoT, cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, big data, content and technologies that will endow every human being and object in our world.


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Also, see some of our featured speakers this year

Sayed Ahmad shah Sadaat

Minister of Communications and IT

Marilyn Cade

Visionary strategist in Internet Governance issues

Mohammad Aimal Marjan

Deputy Minister (IT), MCIT

Mohammad Najib Azizi

Chairman Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority

Omar Mansoor Ansari

President at TechNation

Farshid Ghyasi



Participation at IGFA is open and free of cost for participants from all walks of life.

Participation at IGFA 2017 is open and free of cost for participants from all walks of life. IGFA 2017 provides a unique opportunity for learning, sharing knowledge and experience and exposure to new concepts, policies issues and networks. By attending IGFA 2017 you would play an important role in shaping the future of Internet in Afghanistan.

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    You have a wide choice when it comes to accommodation in Kabul. There are 5 star hotels, 3 star hotels, hostels and Airbnb other places. However, you need to start your search for accommodation early, do as much search as you can online, check out how close they are to the IGFA venue, Shahr-e Naw, how easy it is to get to the venue via public transport, walking etc, and budget correctly.

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  5. Tourism

    There are various touristic spots in Kabul. However, a visa and passport are required for entrance into Afghanistan. It is not too costly to live in Kabul, an estimated daily cost of staying in Kabul is about $50-$100, including accommodation, transportation and food. There are several monuments you can visit, the Kabul museum and national archives are other places you should not miss visiting.


Stay up to date on IGFA by checking out the latest in happenings as reportedby the local media.


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Stay up to date on IGFA by checking out the latest in happenings as reported by the local media.


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